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5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Christmas More Environmentally Friendly

With Christmas around the corner, we’ve all started preparing for the festive season. Sadly, Christmas can come with a significant price on the environment. From the gifts we buy, wrapping paper we use to the food we eat, every aspect has an impact. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of 4 things you can do to make your Christmas more environmentally friendly. 

Tip 1: Rethink Your Decorations

There’s nothing quite as exciting as decking your home out with Christmas lights and decorations. However, this year why not consider taking a more natural approach to your decor? When you’re buying new decorations consider what they are made of and whether you could use more natural materials to create the same effect? For example, eco-friendly alternatives to fairy lights include solar-powered or LED lights.

Tip 4: Think About What You're Buying This Year

Christmas is a time for giving – but it doesn’t always need to include buying new things. Why not try and give eco-friendly gifts instead? Try shopping in second-hand stores like The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre or using online platforms like Marketplace and Gumtree to do your Christmas shopping.

Try swapping out physical gifts with experiences. Experiences are a unique gift that will leave the receiver with a lifetime of memories. They tend to be more social and make us feel happier for longer. Gifting something like a meal out, or a weekend away is the perfect way to make your friends or family feel special without giving them a physical gift.

Tip 2: Rethink Your Wrapping Paper

Who doesn’t love getting a present wrapped in beautifully decorated paper? It’s exciting and adds that extra special touch! But this year why not try something different and use recycled or biodegradable wrapping paper instead.

Some gifts don’t even need wrapping – like giftcards and experiences. Reduce where you can, and reconsider where you can’t. If you do need to buy wrapping paper, go for an uncoated paper that can be recycled afterwards.

Tip 3: Rethink Your Food Choices

The food you eat at Christmas is also one of the main reasons for its high eco-footprint. From cooking, to washing up and even cleaning appliances used in preparation – every aspect impacts your carbon footprint this time of year. The good news is, that there are lots of delicious festive recipes that don’t require any special ingredients. Try replacing meat with vegetarian alternatives, and pineapples or strawberries (which have a high water consumption) with eco-friendly fruit like figs, which are great for the environment and delicious for us.

Is fish a Christmas staple in your home? Not to worry. While overfishing is a massive problem in the world, it is more evident in countries with poor regulations and limits. If you want to enjoy eco-friendly fish this festive season, then buy from sustainable sellers, who know exactly where their fish is coming from. You can also go straight to the source and buy from the people who caught it at fish markets! Our biggest tip is to stick to species that are in season and local!

When it comes to serving your Christmas meal, say no to plastic and opt for reusable plates and cutlery. This might make for a bigger cleanup but the benefits far outway the risks in the long run.

There are many ways to reduce your impact this festive season. By simply following our four tips, you’ll be able to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas with your family and friends without sacrificing any of the fun! We hope you found our list helpful and we wish you an eco-friendly Christmas this year!

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