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Metal Pegs: Better than Plastic.

It’s no secret that plastic is one of the worst things for our environment. It is made from toxic chemicals, it can’t be recycled, and it ends up in landfill or our oceans where animals are consuming it. Over the last few years, there has been a shift in attitude towards plastic and its environmental impact. Consumers have become more conscious of the impact we are having.

This is evident through the 2017 phase-out of plastic bags across Australia, and the introduction of paper straws across many restaurants, cafes and even fast-food chains like McDonald’s. Many states are now taking steps to completely ban single-use plastics such as plastic cutlery and plastic straws. We are heading in the right direction, however, the need to constantly revaluate our waste habits has never been more important!

Plastic pegs are cheap and Designed to Break!

Today, we are going to talk about a simple, household item that can be swapped out to reduce your environmental impact. Plastic pegs are a staple of every household, yet they are so bad for the environment. Plastic pegs are convenient and cheap, you can buy them from your local supermarket, and they do a pretty good job at keeping our clothes on the line. But let’s face it, they are priced low because they just don’t last, and they weren’t made too!

Plastic pegs are fragile and easily breakable. They can’t withstand the outdoors, and so after a few weeks of use, they begin to fade, crack, rust and break. Sending you back to the supermarket to purchase another set. It’s a never-ending cycle and their cheap price point starts to add up.

Plastic pegs have an impact on more than just your wallet. Every time you throw them away, they are sent straight into landfills where they sit for hundreds of years, slowly breaking down and leaking toxic chemicals into our waterways and soil. 

Make the switch to stainless steel metal pegs

So, what can you do to stop this cycle? The next time you find yourself needing to buy new pegs, opt to invest in some metal ones! They may be more expensive upfront, but they will outlive your old plastic pegs and last you a lifetime!

Metal Pegs are the perfect alternative to plastic pegs. Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, these pegs are built to last. They are the strongest and most durable clothespins available on the market. These pegs won’t become flimsy, rust or corrode over time like their plastic alternative.

These clothespins are so good, you’ll be using them forever! Simply set yourself up with one or two sets and you’ll never have to buy another clothespin again! They’re constructed using one solid, springless piece of metal, which makes them more durable and dependable than plastic, wood, or bamboo. These other types of pegs have a tendency to twist or break apart under pressure.

Metal pegs are not only a convenient alternative to plastic ones, they are the new and improved version of traditional pegs. Whether you leave your pegs on the line or keep them indoors, these pegs are guaranteed to last you a lifetime! They are even Aussie summer proof, which means you can leave them out in the sun and they won’t get too hot!

Stop buying cheap plastic clothespins every few months! These Marine Grade Forever Metal Pegs come in a pack of 30 or 60, each with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never have to buy another one!

ecoessentials metal pegs
Eco Essentials Metal Pegs

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