Reusable Round Silicone Food Covers

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These Reusable Round Silicone Food Covers are a must-have! Their uses are endless.

You can use them as a cover for all types of food in all types of containers and bowls.  Sealing in moisture and nutrients to ensure freshness until it’s time to serve. The lids are transparent too so you can see the contents inside without having to remove them.

Whether it’s leftovers, pre-prepared salads or dessert,  these Reusable Round Silicone Food Covers make serving and storing food simple! Just place the Silicone Food Covers on top of your dish then pull over small tab edges, and you’re done!

No need for cling wrap, plastic film or plastic bags which are one use only and terrible for the environment.  The sizes fit bowls and containers from 6.5cm diameter up to 20.5 cm. They are stretchy too so each one will actually accommodate many variations of sizes.  Perfect for tins, bowls, containers, you name it.

Easy Cleaning: Just place them in hot soapy water and hey presto they are clean and germ-free and ready to use again and again.  No more scrubbing away at containers and lids. Because they are made of silicone, the dirt just wipes off easily making it a breeze for you.

What’s even better is they fold up or roll up quite small so storage is so easy, they don’t take up much space like containers and bowls.

They’re perfect for children’s or adults lunch boxes. They have a tight seal so no food will leak out. For on the go, these lids can be kept in one of those small zip lock bags, so that you don’t end up having to buy multiple containers at restaurants which would then need to be washed at home!

You can use them for leftovers or to take your packed lunch with you wherever you go.

silicone food coversAbout our Reusable Round Silicone Food Covers

Multipurpose – Designed to be used on tinned food, bowls, plates & even cut fruit or vegetables.
Sealed for freshness – The seal creates a lock that keeps in smells and liquids, leaving your food fresh.
High Quality – Strong and resilient, the lids can be folded, pulled & bent with no risk of deforming the shape, breaking or ripping.

Contains 6 Sizes:



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5 reviews for Reusable Round Silicone Food Covers

  1. Avatar of Abby

    Abby (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my food covers! They are exactly how they are described and are so easy to use!

  2. Avatar of Gemma

    Gemma (verified owner)

    I like these reusable food covers. I found them great for all my different sized containers and it kept my food airtight which was great. I definitely think I’ll need to order some more because they come in handy! I recommend.

  3. Avatar of Madeline

    Madeline (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my reusable food covers. They have worked very well and have kept my containers sealed properly. I highly recommend.

  4. Avatar of Sundeep

    Sundeep (verified owner)

    I bought these food covers and they are exactly what I was wanting. The delivery was quick and I am happy with my order.

  5. Avatar of Janette

    Janette (verified owner)

    I purchased these reusable food covers and I cannot fault them. They have worked exactly as described and I will be purchasing more.

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