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  • tote bag

    100% Cotton Netted Tote Bag


    Cotton Netted Tote Bag. There are many ways to shop in a more eco-friendly way, and having a reusable netted tote bag is one of the best. Synthetic materials like polyester and plastic have an adverse effect on the environment, but not our 100% natural netted tote bags. These easy-to-carry items can be reused over…

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  • eco-friendly kitchen

    Eco-Friendly Kitchen Bundle


    Perfect for the earth-conscious consumer looking to reduce their impact in the kitchen.

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  • eco-friendly skincare

    Eco-Friendly Skincare Bundle


    The beauty industry has a huge impact on the environment every year! Make a positive difference today and switch to reusable skincare solutions that will leave your skin feeling beautiful and help save the earth. These products will not only reduce your impact but save you money as well. Included in our Eco-Friendly Skincare Bundle:…

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  • Eco-Friendly Travel Cutlery Set

    Eco-Friendly Travel Cutlery Set


    The newest addition to our line of sustainable accessories, the Eco friendly travel cutlery set that comes with a carrying container. For those who want to be ready for anything! Order yours today!

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  • Silicone Straws

    Jumbo Silicone Straws


    The perfect combination of stylish and sustainable, these jumbo silicone straws are sure to make a statement in any kitchen! They’ll easily slide seamlessly through all types of drinks, and their jumbo size makes them perfect for milkshakes, thick shakes, frappes, bubble tea and smoothies. Made from medical-grade silicone, so they’re food-safe and environmentally friendly,…

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  • Metal Pegs

    Marine Grade Forever Metal Pegs


    Eco Essentials’ Metal Pegs are totally sustainable and built to last. Just one purchase of our newest line of clothespins will spare 240 sets of plastic pegs from the landfill, that’s close to a billion individual pieces!

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  • Metal Straws

    Metal Straws


    Enjoy your beverages any time without the nasty environmental impact.

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  • Non-Stick Baking Mat

    Non-Stick Baking Mat


    If you love baking as much as you love the environment then these are the perfect product for you!

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  • retractable metal straw

    Retractable Metal Straws


    The Collapsible Metal Reusable Portable Stainless Steel Straw is here. What was once a bulky, clunky metal straw is now light and portable! This collapsible design means it’s small and easy to carry plus it will never get lost thanks to the handy hook on it. Cleaning couldn’t be easier, either: just unscrew to separate…

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  • Reusable Earbuds

    Reusable Earbuds


    With these reusable silicone swabs, you’ll never feel guilty about throwing away an old cotton bud again!

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  • reusable facial pads

    Reusable Facial Pads


    These microfibre facial pads are a great alternative to makeup wipes and cotton pads!

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  • silicone food covers

    Reusable Silicone Food Covers


    These Silicone Food Covers are a must-have! Their uses are endless. You can use them as a cover for all types of food in all types of containers and bowls.  Sealing in moisture and nutrients to ensure freshness until it’s time to serve. The lids are transparent too so you can see the contents inside…

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  • eco_metalstraw

    Ultimate Eco-Friendly Starter Bundle


    Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment? If so, look no further. This eco-friendly starter kit is everything you need to reduce your use of single-use plastics and help preserve our earth for future generations!

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