The Environmental Impact of Regular Makeup Remover Wipes

Let’s be honest, ‘facial cleansing towelettes’ otherwise known as makeup remover wipes are a super convenient way to remove makeup after a long day at work, or a late-night out. They may be perfect for travel or the gym but they come with some serious side effects – the environment.

Single-use wipes and cotton pads may have been the only convenient solution a couple of years ago, but that’s no longer the case! Our reusable facial pads are not only more convenient but are also affordable. Plus you can rest assured that you won’t ever get caught with nothing to clean your face ever again.

While the product descriptions of these wipes may boast about gentle cleansing towelettes that whisk away dirt and makeup, they don’t mention the fact that these seemingly harmless wipes are wreaking havoc on our earth. Used for a minute and tossed away, these wipes end up in landfill or even worse our waterways.

It's time to get real about the environmental impacts of makeup remover wipes!

It is estimated that makeup remover wipes are responsible for about 10 per cent of the wastewater stream, while toilet paper only makes up 6 per cent. There are 3.4 billion kilograms of wipes thrown into the landfill each year, which add up to 1.3 billion wipes tossed each day. That’s 20 million makeup wipes a day being thrown into the bin! And if you thought their damage stops there, you’re sadly mistaken.

Makeup remover wipes are actually made using plastic fibres 🤯 so when flushed or thrown away, they can leak tiny micro-plastics into our waterways and oceans. Scientists have already found these micro-plastics in over 140 ocean species, including the ones we eat.

It’s not just makeup remover wipes that are bad news either! Hygiene wipes, baby wipes and antibacterial wipes ALL have harmful impacts on the environment, especially supposed ‘flushable wipes’ which have a huge impact on sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants not to mention the pipes they clog up and break down.

It’s never been more important for us to eliminate our dependence on these disposable products and find more efficient, eco-friendly ways to live!

Eco Essentials was brought to life by a team of like-minded people who wanted to provide affordable, reusable solutions to these problems. That’s why we are proud to sell our Reusable Facial Pads! These microfibre facial pads are a great alternative to makeup wipes and cotton pads!

You'll never need to buy makeup remover wipes or cotton pads again!

Not only are these facial pads better for the environment, but they are also great for your wallet! And for an added benefit, our facial pads are super soft and gentle on your skin, so you’ll never have to worry about irritated skin again! These pads are all made from microfiber material which makes for an effective cleaning tool because the fibres are positively charged. Oil and Dirt are negatively charged so they are literally attracted to microfiber like a magnet. Our reusable facial pads are 11cm, so you’ll catch all the dirt from your face with just one pad instead of using multiple wipes.

Our reusable facial pads come in a pack of 3, so you’ll never be stuck without a clean one! Simply pop them in the wash when dirty, and they’ll be as good as new after every wash.

This plastic-free July, let’s do more than just try to be a little greener – I challenge you to make real changes to your lifestyle that will help shape our future into a green and thriving world ✨.

Order your set of Reusable Facial Pads today, and start your journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle!

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facial pads 1 1

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