100% Cotton Netted Tote Bag


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Cotton Netted Tote Bag. There are many ways to shop in a more eco-friendly way, and having a reusable netted tote bag is one of the best. Synthetic materials like polyester and plastic have an adverse effect on the environment, but not our 100% natural netted tote bags. These easy-to-carry items can be reused over and over again without damaging the planet! You can use these sustainable tote bags to make your life greener! You’re helping the environment by reducing or completely eliminating the use of plastic bags and other harmful, non-biodegradable materials.

Thanks to its lightweight nature and easy carry long strap, this fabric produce sleeve is totes effortless for packing away all your groceries.

Caring for the Eco Essential Netted Tote Bags: Our Cotton Netted Tote Bags are made from 100% natural cotton and don’t require any special care. Simply hand wash with soap and water, rinse well and hang to dry in a cool spot indoors. When washed and dried, this reusable tote bag will look like new again, ready to be used over and over again.

Storage: You can keep them neatly folded up inside your small Eco Essentials Cotton Netted Tote Bag or rolled up on the inside of your car door ready to grab as you head into the supermarket! This will save you space while also keeping your bag looking great until its next use. It will prevent your bags from getting tangled or being damaged.
*Tip!  Having more than one reusable cotton bag on hand will mean that you’ll always have one when the other is being washed or if you need to buy more than you expected! You can find a wide variety of uses for your reusable netted bag while shopping, from taking home groceries to carrying books, toys, packed lunches or other essentials.

About Our Cotton Netted Tote Bag

Material: Organic Cotton
Size: 35x35x25cm